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The Open Data Fit project is all about empowering Scientist to fit their data against commonly used models without having to either:

  1. i) fork our large sums for “black box” data fitting packages
  2. ii) having to learn to write and use programs, macros etc. they are not familiar with.

Instead, all you need is to upload your data in a simple excel file to the various apps available on opendatafit and its affiliated sites. The websites do the rest for you and return data that you can use in your publications!

We will also build an archiving function in the near future so your input data can be stored permanently in the cloud and accessed via a persistent URL you can then submit with your publication.

We will also include useful guidance and information to help you with your experiments. This includes our collection of:

A/Prof. Pall Thordarson

Founding Director Open Data Fit.





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